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Some useful advice

- After each excursion is recommended to take out insole and check if on the shoe there are any little stones that may be accidentally entered during use.
Especially for shoes with DRYTEX lining this operation will help to maintain life and impermeability of the product.
- Leave to dry footwear in ventilated environment, away from heat sources above 30°C. In any case do not expose shoes to direct sunlight.
- If necessary, after drying, brushing the upper with brush with nylon bristles and if it is necessary to wash your shoes use water and mild soap.
It is recommended not to introduce paper inside the shoes, but leave them and dry at room temperature, as indicated above.
- For shoes with uppers in full grain leather, waxed or suede leather it should be able to  put once in a while specific products spray or cream.
This care will allow the leather to remain soft and to prevent that upper become strong
avoided repeated contacts with sources of heat or long stays in humid conditions .
If you will follow these advices the upper will always be soft and flexible prevent unsticking problems.
- If you will not use your shoes for a long time, you should not leave it inside plastic bags and keep away from wet areas.


When you try a pair of trekking shoes please make sure have with you a pair of socks (good trekking socks) same thing is valid if you have an orthopaedic insole for your feet.
Another point is that our shoes are all made by hand, by experts shoemakers and we use, for the most part, natural materials. So it’s possible to find minimal variations between a shoe and another.
To understand if the shoe fit well you must verify that fingers should be slightly detached from the toe of the shoe, of course when shoe is perfectly tied. To control the good fitting of the shoe, you should be able to put a finger behind the heel when the shoe is not laced up and verify that fingers reach the toe.
Even the accuracy of fit is very important: if the shoes, well laced up, doesn’t keep the foot blocked, the shoe will not be stable on foot during the walk.
If the shoe is too short fingers will be crushed by walking down, on the contrary, if the shoe if too long the heel will slip, leading to the risk of blisters.
A good choice always requires time and patience.